Analyzing the Primary Value Drivers of Leading Cryptocurrencies

To gain a deeper understanding of the primary value drivers of leading cryptocurrencies, Deutsche Digital Assets and Cryptology AG present a study on the 25 leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, and their underlying valu drivers. The report conclusively shows that the value drivers of leading cryptocurrencies differ based on their underlying structure and use of a blockchain. It is hypothesized that the price of each category of cryptocurrencies is driven by a different set of attributes. Data was sourced from Santiment, and and grouped into the following clusters: Financial, Development, Social, Usage, Network.  The analysis showed that different categories of coins are indeed driven by separate fundamentals.

The report is written by Philipp Rosenbach and Robert Richter, a research fellow at Frankfurt School Blockchain Center. Research partners include Enigma Securities and BTC-Echo.

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Primary Value Drivers of Leading Cryptocurrencies