Exchange Traded Products (ETP)

Easy and convenient method to gain exposure to leading digital assets through regulated financial products.

What are Exchange Traded Products?

Investors use Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) to easily access digital assets through a regulated financial product. DDA ETPs enable investors to participate cost efficiently and unlimitedly in the price development of a single digital asset or basket of digital assets from their personal bank accounts. All products are always 100% collateralized by the respective underlying, stored in “cold storage” at regulated custodians and are traded on European stock exchanges.

All Products

TickerName of the productISINCCYTERInception dateAUMProduct Page
SLCTDDA Crypto Select 10 ETPDE000A3G3ZD0USD1.69%22.05.202323.4M USDPRODUCT PAGE
XBTIDDA Physical Bitcoin ETPDE000A3GK2N1USD0.95%15.04.202117.5M USDProduct Page
IETHDDA Physical Ethereum ETPDE000A3GTML1USD0.95%01.12.20212.9M USDProduct Page

Why invest?

Portfolio diversification with crypto investments. Digital assets have proven to be a diversifier to a portfolio composed of traditional asset classes, such as stocks and bonds. An investment into digital assets can have a positive impact on portfolio returns, the standard deviation and the portfolio Sharpe Ratio due to long-term correlation characteristics. Find out more about the impact of crypto allocations on different portfolio models on our research report here.

DDA ETPs physically-backed by cryptocurrencies enable investors to participate cost efficiently in the price development of a single digital asset or a basket of digital assets from their personal bank accounts – just as they experience investing in stocks, bonds or ETFs. All products are at all times 100% collateralized by the respective underlying, stored in “cold storage” at regulated custodians and are listed on European stock exchanges. DDA ETPs are tradable via brokers and custodian banks. Similar to an ETF, tax withholding for DDA ETPs is done automatically by the custodian bank

Product Benefits

100% Physically Backed and Secured

DDA ETPs replicate the performance of the underlying index with competitive management fees and give the holder of the note a claim on the predefined amount of the asset.

Convenience through State-of-the-art Custody Solutions

Digital assets are conveniently stored at specialized custodians such as BaFin-regulated Coinbase Germany GmbH or French AFM-regulated “Aplo”. Investors do not require the technical expertise to manage several wallets and private keys.

Trades like an ETF on European Exchanges

The DDA ETPs trade like a stock or an ETF and are available on European stock exchanges, such as Deutsche Börse Xetra, Euronext Paris & Amsterdam, SIX Swiss Exchange and Börse Stuttgart.

Chances & Risks


  • DDA ETPs provide exposure to digital assets via a traditional investment infrastructure through your bank or brokerage. Traditional investors are thereby able to conveniently participate in the price and yield performance of digital assets.
  • DDA ETPs are always 100% collateralized – they are always fully invested in the underlying such as Bitcoin or Ethereum or a basket of digital assets. German retail investors may enjoy a preferable tax treatment after a 12 months holding period[1]
  • DDA ETPs are among the most cost-effective crypto ETPs available.


  • Digital assets are a new technological innovation with a limited track-record. There is no assurance that usage of digital assets will continue to grow. A contraction in use of digital assets may result in increased volatility or a reduction in the price of such digital assets, which could adversely impact the value of the ETPs.
  • Digital assets are highly volatile and investors may not get their money back should a single digital asset cease to exist. Prices of digital asset may fluctuate due to changing investor confidence.
  • Governmental interventions in the digital assets markets are unpredictable, and may make digital assets or certain digital assets illegal altogether. Future regulations and directives in some jurisdictions may conflict with those others, and such regulatory actions may restrict or make some or all digital assets illegal in some jurisdictions.

Service Providers

How/Where to buy?

Add digital assets exposure to your portfolio using existing bank or brokerage accounts, or choose a new trading platform. DDA ETPs are listed on traditional exchanges and trade just like stocks or ETFs. As an investor in DDA ETPs you do not have the need or technical capability to manage crypto wallets or worry about tax implications.


  • Comdirect
  • DKB
  • Consorsbank
  • Deutsche bank
  • Onvista
  • Scalable capital
  • Flatex online broker
  • ING
  • Sbroker
  • Smartbroker
  • Targo bank

Note: The list above contains some but certainly not all of the popular banks/brokerages. Please reach out to us in case you are not able to access or find our products on your trading platform.

If you have difficulties accessing our products through your preferred bank/brokerage, please send us an email with more information to [email protected]. We will reach out to your bank/brokerage and will try to make the product available to you.


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