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Crypto Market Intelligence_ Deutsche Digital Assets
Crypto Market Intelligence – January 2023
Download the Full Report in PDF by André Dragosch, Head of Research and Dominik Poiger, Chief Product Officer Key Takeaways Chart of the Month Performance Review Cryptoassets staged an extraordinary comeback this year outperforming other asset classes by a very wide margin in January. More specifically, the top 10 cryptoassets performed 36.7% while global developed market […]
DDA successfully sells US-based group to Cryptology. Patrick Lowry resigns as DDA’s CEO to focus exclusively as Cryptology’s CEO.
Joint Press Release – Deutsche Digital Assets (“DDA”) & Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c. (“Cryptology”) FRANKFURT, GERMANY & SLIEMA, MALTA, January 17, 2023 – Patrick Lowry, Co-founder and CEO of crypto asset management group Deutsche Digital Assets (“DDA”) as well as publicly-listed crypto holding company Cryptology Asset Group p.l.c. (“Cryptology”), resigned his role as CEO and […]
Crypto Market Pulse January 16, 2023
DDA Crypto Market Pulse – January 16, 2023
Download the Full Report in PDF by André Dragosch, Head of Research Key Takeaways Chart of the week  Performance Last week, cryptoasset prices managed to outperform again, as there were signs of increasing institutional buying interest throughout the week. Overall market sentiment was lifted by another expected decline in US inflation numbers that were released on […]


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