DDA Products

Deutsche Digital Assets product portfolio ranges from crypto Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) listed on several European exchanges, to broadly diversified index funds and actively-managed strategies.

DDA Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

Investors use Exchange Traded Products (ETPs) to easily access digital assets through a regulated financial product. DDA ETPs enable investors to participate cost efficiently and unlimitedly in the price development of a single digital asset or basket of digital assets from their personal bank accounts. All products are always 100% collateralized by the respective underlying, stored in “cold storage” at regulated custodians and are traded on European stock exchanges.

TickerName of the productISINCCYTERInception dateAUMDownload (factsheets)Product Page
SLCTDDA Crypto Select 10 ETPDE000A3G3ZD0USD1.69%22.05.202324.5M USDFactsheetPRODUCT PAGE
XBTIDDA Physical Bitcoin ETPDE000A3GK2N1USD0.95%15.04.202117.3M USDFactsheetProduct Page
IETHDDA Physical Ethereum ETPDE000A3GTML1USD0.95%01.12.20212.8M USDFactsheetProduct Page

Quantitative Solutions (QS)

Quantitative Solutions (QS)

The Quantitative Solutions’ Team is the latest addition to Deutsche Digital Assets and brings trading technology expertise, specialized in quantitative strategies and execution with dedicated infrastructure for the cryptocurrency market. The team brings a wealth of experience from both traditional and crypto markets and will supervise the development of investable alpha-seeking strategies, while providing tailor-made solutions for institutional and qualified professional investors.

DDA Absolute Return Multi Strategy

The DDA Absolute Return Multi Strategy is designed to generate returns regardless of market direction. The investment objective is to capture both upside and downside moves while reducing volatility and drawdowns, therefore delivering sustainable risk- adjusted returns in bull and bear markets.

DDA Smart Beta Diversified Strategy

The DDA Smart Beta Diversified Strategy is benchmarked over Bitcoin and designed to provide a global market exposure with improved diversification across a rather large universe of crypto assets. The investment objective is to enhance returns by capturing consistent Alpha over the underlying core market, while reducing overall risk compared to traditional capitalization-weighted indices.

White-label Exchange Traded Products (ETP)

Tailored Solutions

Tailored solutions and services that are custom prepared to meet the most demanding needs.

DDA Advisory

As a fully regulated financial services company, DDA Advisory GmbH strives to deliver first class Family Office services to High-NetWorth-Individuals (HNWI) and institutional investors using a combination of traditional as well as digital assets developed inhouse by its mother company Deutsche Digital Assets GmbH

DDA White- Label Exchange Traded Products (ETPs)

The DDA white label offering is a plug and play solution. It reduces the complexity and the cost of launching crypto ETPs for financial institutions providing institutional platform solutions. Providing all the necessary infrastructure needed to launch crypto ETPs including regulatory approvals, exchange listing, operations and portfolio management, DDA intends to work with third parties to launch white-labeled crypto ETP products from its platform.

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