• Cryptoassets in The New Inflation Regime: Is Bitcoin an inflation hedge?

    This report analyzes the question whether cryptoassets and in particular Bitcoin can serve as an inflation hedge within multiasset portfolios. Although inflation dynamics will likely continue to decline throughout the next year, we provide evidence that high inflation rates will be the “new normal” in the medium to long term. Amongst other things, the study shows that […]

  • Cryptoassets and the Macroeconomy: Can macro factors explain the price of Bitcoin?

    Which macro variables have recently been influencing the price of Bitcoin is a topic of continuing discussion in the cryptoasset community. Some contend that Bitcoin is just another “risk-on” trade like any other and that its value has a strong correlation with equity prices. There is some truth to that, as Bitcoin is currently still […]

  • Analyzing the Primary Value Drivers of Leading Cryptocurrencies

    To gain a deeper understanding of the primary value drivers of leading cryptocurrencies, Deutsche Digital Assets and Cryptology AG present a study on the 25 leading cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and XRP, and their underlying valu drivers. The report conclusively shows that the value drivers of leading cryptocurrencies differ based on their underlying structure […]