Introducing The Two New Iconiq Additions – Or And Syuzanna

Frankfurt , Feb 13, 2018:  We, at Iconiq Lab, are thrilled to introduce our latest additions to the team – Or Daniel Barmatz as the CTO and Syuzanna Avanesyan as our Communications and Office Manager.

Or is a tech expert with extensive experience in advertising, media, e-commerce, military, and financial industries around the world. He co-founded and served as Epiphyte Corporation’s CTO and is advisor CTO to the ProCircle Network. Or has also mentored early-stage startups, lectured, and provided technical due-diligence assessments on behalf of investors. He is very enthusiastic about new applications of technology and sees blockchain and DLT as important milestones which will reshape how we interact with computers.

Syuzanna is a communications specialist with 3 years of experience in international sales  management and  business development. She is a multi-linguist and speaks English, German, Russian, Spanish and Armenian. Syuzanna holds a Master of Arts in Communications.

Please join us in welcoming them to the Iconiq family!