DDA Quantitative Solutions

Disciplined, rules-based investing for efficient and sustainable returns

Quant Solutions

The Quantitative Solutions Team is the latest addition to Deutsche Digital Assets and brings trading technology expertise, specialized in quantitative strategies and execution with dedicated infrastructure for the cryptocurrency market. We believe that a systematic approach to investing, using quantitative techniques and leveraging the latest academic insights, will generate attractive and persistent returns relative to traditional discretionary management. All executives have extensive experience from traditional financial markets with a broad set of alpha-seeking investment strategies adapted to crypto assets, especially with volatile markets. The team will supervise the deployment and distribution of quantitative strategies while providing tailor-made solutions for institutional and qualified professional investors.


DDA Absolute Return Multi Strategy

The DDA Absolute Return Multi Strategy is designed to generate returns regardless of market direction. The investment objective is to capture both upside and downside moves while reducing volatility and drawdowns, therefore delivering sustainable risk- adjusted returns in bull and bear markets.

DDA Smart Beta Diversified Strategy

The DDA Smart Beta Diversified Strategy is benchmarked over Bitcoin and designed to provide a global market exposure with improved diversification across a rather large universe of crypto assets. The investment objective is to enhance returns by capturing consistent Alpha over the underlying core market, while reducing overall risk compared to traditional capitalization-weighted indices.

Tailor-Made Solutions

Full range of ad-hoc solutions including Customized Investments, Trading Signals, and White Labeling.

Customized Investments

Full range of ad-hoc solutions, including volatility target, drawdown control, rule-based exposure and constant risk budget management, etc. Our sophisticated investment team can implement optimized portfolio allocation or improve KPIs in respect of predefined targets, such as lowering Volatility or maximizing Performance/Sharpe.

Trading Signals

Portal to trading signals tailored to any trading frequencies, based on your specific rebalancing needs and across most crypto assets. The signal can be adapted to your needs (from Long Only to Long/Short with full granularity and confidence indicators) and provided in any format including API or customized reports.

White Labelling

DDA and the Quantitative Solutions’ Team intends to obtain a full asset management license. Actively managed strategies can be implemented within custom investment vehicles via delegated portfolio construction and management, including comprehensive tailored reporting in the future.

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Marc des Ligneris
CIO, Quantitative Solutions

Marc was designing and managing multi-asset quantitative strategies for absolute return funds at BNP Paribas AM for nearly 15 years. He also brings 4 years of track record trading the crypto markets 24/7. Marc graduated from the prestigious engineering school Ecole Centrale Paris in 2005.

Alexandre Coutouly
CTO, Quantitative Solutions

Alexandre started his career as an algorithmic trading developer on the equity derivatives’ desk at Société Générale Since 2017, Alexandre has been responsible for many trading systems implementation in the crypto ecosystem. He holds a Master of Engineering from Ecole des Mines.

Romain Bensoussan
Head of Sales, Quantitative Solutions

Romain is a crypto enthusiast, passionate about blockchain and new technologies. He brings his dynamism and his strong knowledge about digital assets at the service of our investors. Romain graduated from IESEG School of Management with a Master in Finance and Economy.


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