Grateful To You – Christmas Gratitude From The Iconiq Holding Family

Hello there,

This Christmas, we would like to take a minute to thank you for the exceptional part you have played in the Iconiq journey so far!

They say a grateful heart is the happiest and this Christmas season, we would like you to help us create this wave of gratefulness by thanking the three people that have changed your life for the better. Let’s take a minute to thank them for being their amazing selves and for their role in your journey so far.
Go on to your socials (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn) and tag the three wonderful people who have changed your life for the better this year using the #IThankU hashtag
I am starting this season with a little bit of #Christmas #gratitude and thanking (your 3 friends) for being such an exceptional part of my journey! #IThankU
Lets spread this wave of #gratefulness by thanking the 3 people who have changed yours. 
These three people then spread the gratitude to their networks and become the next waves of gratefulness.
Have a Merry & Grateful Christmas!
Warm regards and holiday cheers,
The Iconiq Holding Team