Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA) Becomes a Member of ADAN

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, May 28, 2024 – Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA) is now a member of ADAN, a distinguished association uniting professionals from the digital assets and blockchain sectors across Europe. This membership facilitates active participation in decision-making processes and contributes to advancing innovation across various sectors. ADAN boasts a membership of over 200 esteemed companies and stands as the preeminent consortium of Web3 entities in France and Europe.

Romain Bensoussan, Head of Sales at Deutsche Digital Assets, states, “Joining ADAN marks a significant milestone for Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA), reaffirming our commitment to pioneering innovation in the digital assets and blockchain space across Europe. Our commitment to facilitating investors’ access to digital assets aligns perfectly with this collaboration, underscoring our dedication to providing seamless opportunities in this rapidly evolving landscape.”

For more information please visit the DDA website or contact the team directly under [email protected].

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Established in 2017, Deutsche Digital Assets GmbH (DDA) is a German crypto and digital asset manager that serves as a trusted gateway for investors seeking exposure to crypto assets. DDA, through various subsidiaries, offers a menu of crypto investment products and solutions, ranging from passive to actively managed, as well as financial product white-labeling services for asset managers. By leveraging traditional financial products, DDA provides investors with familiar access to a range of crypto asset ETPs and quantitative strategies, making crypto and digital asset acquisition as easy as buying a stock. For more information, please visit

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About ADAN
ADAN federates and represents 200 professionals – new players and established companies – who develop innovation and use cases for Web 3 in all areas of the economy in France and in Europe. By removing the obstacles to their growth and competitiveness, ADAN works towards the emergence and influence of champions serving our strategic autonomy. ADAN promotes an appropriate, proportionate and catalyzing framework for innovation, synergies between newcomers and incumbents, and a better understanding of new blockchain technologies and crypto-assets, their various use cases and their opportunities.

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