Unbloqed #13 Tobias Schulz – Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds

Tobias Schulz is an Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds. He is also a pre-ICO Venture Capital Investor and ICO Advisor.

High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven start-ups. With EUR 892.5 million in total investment volume across three funds and an international network of partners, HTGF has already helped forge 500 start-ups since 2005.

In this episode of Unbloqed, Tobias gives us a brief introduction to HTGF as one of the largest seed funds in Germany. We discuss the importance of the development of blockchain ecosystem, their approach to the crypto market, the benefits of tokenization of assets and the perspectives on what the future of tokenization may hold.

We are also thrilled to announce that Iconic lab has closed the funding rounds with two of the biggest Venture investors in Germany Finlab and High-Tech Gründerfonds.

For more information about HTGF check out the website and spread the word!