Unbloqed Episode #10 Verv On Unlocking Unique Energy Insights With AI

Maria McKavanagh is Chief Operating Officer at Verv and is currently running the VLUX token generation event. She is also a keynote speaker and an advocate of Women in Tech.

Verv is an intelligent IoT hub which uses patented AI technology to analyze electricity data and appliance usage in the home straight from the mains, unlocking unique insights and creating new smart home experiences for consumers.

In our conversation with Maria, we talked about her background, the idea and the product developed by the Verv team, the USP of the VERV device and the milestones archived to date. We dwelled on the benefits of B2B energy networks, the advantages of putting the platform into the blockchain and her perspective on what the future of energy can hold.

Verv recently raised £516,760 in an ongoing crowdfunding round on https://www.crowdcube.com/companies/verv/pitches/bvG8rq. We congratulate the team and wish them all the very best.