Unbloqed Episode #08 Arifa Khan- Founder and CEO, Himalaya Labs

Arifa Khan is Indian Partner of the Ethereum Foundation. She has been researching the blockchain space since 2015 and is currently leading the efforts to build a ground-breaking decentralized solution for Capital markets (DGCAMP) as the Founder and CEO of Himalaya Labs, which she considers her most inspired and important work to date.

In our conversation with Arifa, we discussed how she got involved with blockchain, her background, technical aspects of blockchain, the development of the Ethereum community in India, and the new upcoming ICO of Himalaya Labs.
We spoke about the origin of security tokens, its advantages in terms of capital raise, we deep dived into why the companies would want to launch a security token instead of doing an IPO, the biggest challenges in the market hindering the development of the security tokens and how these issues are being solved.

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