Unbloqed Episode #02 Eduard Kotysh – Founder & CEO, Solidified

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Eduard Kotysh is the founder and chief executive officer of Solidified, the leading audit platform for smart contracts.

Before creating Solidified, Eduard was the founding member of Glassdoor, a leading jobs and recruiting marketplace, bringing transparency to the workplace. More recently, he was Head of Engineering at Jibo, a Social Robotics company out of MIT, featured on the cover of Time in 2017.

Eduard started his career in computers in 1999, and holds two bachelor’s and a master’s in Computer Science from Washington University in St. Louis.

Solidified is the leading full -audit service for smart contracts with the largest (200+) community of Solidity experts and incorporates all stages of technical due diligence into a single platform so you can bulletproof your smart contract.

In our conversation with Eduard we discussed various aspects of smart contracts and the crypto world, covering mainly:

  1. What makes the Solidified platform unique?
  2. Trust problems in crypto space
  3. How does Solidified leverage its community for smart contract audits
  4. Bug Prediction Markets
  5. Solidifed vs The Big 4 in the smart contract arena
  6. Volatility of Ethereum

And more.

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