DDA Webinar: Transitioning from Bear to Bull Cycle

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Webinar Topic: Transitioning from Bear to Bull Cycle

In this webinar DDA experts provide valuable insights into whether we are currently at the cusp of a new bull market cycle, discuss the risks that could prolong the bear market and deep dive into the most-important macro and on-chain themes that drive Bitcoin and other cryptoassets.


The webinar is held by André Dragosch, Head of Research at DDA, and moderated by Dominik Poiger, Chief Product Officer at DDA.


CEST 14:00-14:20 Introduction & Presentation
CEST 14:20- 14:30 Q&A


DDA Crypto Market Intelligence webinar series bring together DDA experts to provide timely market insights and overview of the current state of the crypto market and the macro landscape, including price movements, market sentiment, fund flows, on-chain analytics, trends across various cryptocurrencies and the latest developments in the crypto space.

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