• Iconiq Holding Announces The Listing Of ICNQ On The GBX-DAX

    Global crypto asset management firm Iconiq Holding, a Sponsor Firm of GBX, announces the listing of the ICNQ token on the  GBX-DAX. The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) is an institutional-grade, regulated and insured token sale platform and digital asset exchange. The Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX) is a state-of-the-art exchange created with the high expectations of professional crypto-traders in mind.  Adding to the diverse range of tokens on […]

  • Iconiq Holding Sponsors EOS Listing On GBX Digital Asset Exchange

    The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), an institutional-grade, regulated and insured token sale platform and digital asset exchange, today announced the addition of EOS to its Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX), a state-of-the-art exchange created with the high expectations of professional crypto-traders in mind. EOS has been brought to the GBX-DAX by Sponsor Firm Iconiq Holding, and […]

  • Unbloqed Episode #06 Andy Toth- Investment Director, PLUG and PLAY & Co-founder, Startup Autobahn

    Plug and Play is the ultimate innovation platform, bringing together the best startups and the world’s largest corporations. In our conversation with Andy, we discuss the idea behind PLUGandPLAY, how the company empowers startups not only giving capital but also finding new customers and new partners, the experience in the Blockchain space, its investment model, […]

  • Iconiq Holding Cancels The ICNQ Tokensale On GBX GRID And Burns The Unsold Tokens

    Iconiq Holding, the parent company of the decentralized VC group, Iconiq Lab, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange have jointly decided to cancel the sale of the ICNQ token on the GBX GRID. The decision comes in direct response to the sentiment surrounding the sale in the Iconiq community. “We have heard our communities’ concerns regarding […]

  • Unbloqed Episode #05 Kazé A. Onguene- CEO & Founder of Braincities

    Braincities bridges the gap between humans and their ever-changing environments by making ecosystems like Cities and Companies Smarter With its Human-Supportive Artificial Intelligence. In this episode with Kaze, we discuss the idea behind Braincities and the uniqueness of it. We explore the design of the Datachain as a data storage unit in Blockchain, the challenges […]

  • Unbloqed Episode #04 Bitcoin, Crypto & ICO With Jimmy Song

    Jimmy Song- a Bitcoin educator, coder, software developer for over twenty years, Bitcoin Fellow at Blockchain Capital and the general partner of Blockchain Capital’s venture funds. Jimmy, being a Bitcoin Core developer, brings more than 20 years of deep technical expertise, programming, and development experience to his team. He served as a developer and programmer […]

  • Unbloqed Episode #03 Q&A ICNQ Tokenomics & Upcoming GBX Sale

    Each episode of Unbloqed features guest interviews with leading crypto experts, CEOs and crypto Investors discussing the latest developments in the world of Blockchain and Crypto. We discuss Best ICO practices, the latest crypto trends and the future developments in the space. Unbloqed is powered by Iconiq Holding. In this special episode of Unbloqed , Lukasz […]

  • ICNQ GBX-GRID Token Sale - Token Price Fixed. 2 Days To Go!

      Only 2 Days to go until the GBX-ICNQ Sale kicks off! We have already fixed the ICNQ-ETH price and you can also use your RKT tokens to buy ICNQ now. 1 RKT = 0.04223000 ICNQ 1 ETH = 333.33333333 ICNQ Anyone with a GBX-GRID account can participate in the sale once it opens on […]

  • Gear Up For ICNQ Sale On The GBX-GRID – Learn About The Bonus & How To Participate

    Frankfurt based Iconiq Holding, a GBX Sponsor Firm, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange are proud to announce  the ICNQ token sale on the GBX-GRID will open on Nov 1, 2018 at 11 am CET. Anyone with a GBX-GRID account can participate in the sale once it opens on Nov 1st. Holders of 10,000 RKT tokens […]

  • Iconiq Holding Launches Digital Asset Index Funds And Announces Token Upgrades

    Iconiq Funds, the newly-launched asset management arm of Germany-based Iconiq Holding, the team behind the world’s first decentralized VC group, Iconiq Lab, is launching a series of digital asset index funds beginning in Q4 2018. The passively-managed funds will track the top digital assets by market capitalization, allowing investors the opportunity to gain diversified exposure to […]