Gear Up For ICNQ Sale On The GBX-GRID – Learn About The Bonus & How To Participate

Frankfurt based Iconiq Holding, a GBX Sponsor Firm, and the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange are proud to announce  the ICNQ token sale on the GBX-GRID will open on Nov 1, 2018 at 11 am CET.

Anyone with a GBX-GRID account can participate in the sale once it opens on Nov 1st.

Holders of 10,000 RKT tokens or more can avail themselves of the exclusive ICNQ Early Access Token sale which opens on Oct 31st 11 am CET – 24 hours prior to the ICNQ-GBX sale.


To reward our early supporters, we have the following 4-phase bonus system for the ICNQ GBX Sale:

  • First 250,000 tokens: 25% bonus.
  • 250,001-500,000: 15% bonus.
  • 500,001-750,000: 5% bonus.
  • 750,001-1,000,000: No bonus.

This means for 1,000,000 ICNQ tokens sold, a total of 1,112,500 will be distributed with the bonus system! All unsold tokens in the GBX sale will be burned!


Hard Cap for the GBX Sale: €2,000,000 worth in ICNQ

Tokens available for sale: 1,000,000 ICNQ

Target Price: €2/ICNQ. The ETH/BTC/RKT Price to be announced on Oct. 31

Total tokens distributable given bonus system: 1,112,500


To Open a GBX-GRID Account:

  1. Sign up here:
  2. Complete the GBX KYC process
  3. Deposit ETH/BTC/RKT into the GBX-GRID ICNQ wallet. The address will be announced on Oct. 31.
  4. Tokens will be delivered ASAP prior to the listing on the GBX Digital Asset Exchange.


Iconiq Holding, the issuer of the brands Iconiq Lab and Iconiq Funds, is building the premier digital asset management ecosystem, creating trusted financial vehicles and business opportunities for investors in the blockchain market, driven by the ICNQ token.

Iconiq is also a GBX Sponsor Firm.

The ICNQ Token powers the Iconiq ecosystem, creating a harmonic solution to digital asset management. Holders of the token gain exclusive membership to the Iconiq Lab ICO investment club and exclusive Iconiq Fund share classes, available through Iconiq Lab and Iconiq Funds. Additionally, the token is redeemable as a voucher by holders for discounts on ecosystem services and is redistributed to loyal club members and holders through exclusive loyalty programs.

For more information about the ICNQ token, please visit

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About The GBX-GRID

The GBX-GRID is the perfect platform for innovative start-up projects to launch their tokens and develop their businesses. The GRID also provides services for established companies. Firms like Iconiq Holding are utilizing the large pool of AML/KYC-cleared-GRID users to enhance their existing business model with further token issuance. The GBX-GRID provides more pathways for projects that are either at the beginning of their journey or are long-standing businesses. Through best practices and good governance, more companies are looking at the GBX-GRID platform as the institutional-grade option for their business needs.

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