Introducing ICNQ Referral Airdrop To The Iconiq Holding Community – Sign Up!

We are thrilled to receive the community support we have so far and to make things even more exciting, we are introducing the ICNQ REFERRAL AIRDROP!

On signing up to our airdrop now, you will get an auto-generated referral link via email.

AIRDROP REFERRAL BONUS: 2 ICNQs for an airdrop referral 
You receive 2 ICNQ tokens for each Airdrop sign up through your referral link. Our automated script shall track these sign-ups.
*The new sign-ups have to complete all the steps of our airdrop for you to qualify for the referral bonus

COMMISION REFERRAL BONUS:  5% referral bonus tokens of the ICO transaction
Each user who registers for our ICO whitelist via your referral link will be marked with your commission referral ID. For every amount of ETH received from users you’ve brought to our landing page – you will receive 5% of that ETH amount in ICNQ tokens.

For example, if a user from your referral link sends us 10 ETH, you will receive a commission of the equivalent of 0.5 ETH in ICNQ tokens.

ICO referral airdrops will be paid out after the tokensale ends on MAY 30 2018, 00:00 CEST.

After the ICO starts and Iconiq Lab has received the ETH transfers through referral links, we will track and send referral bonus tokens to the addresses who participate. This is a limited promotion only! Iconiq Lab reserves the right to cancel this promotion at anytime.
Please do NOT spam your referral link! Please respect privacy and be careful sharing referral links.

*the actual exchange price will be decided at the time of the token transfer