Amazix Announces Their Own KYC Portal — First Users To Be Iconiq Holding Community

World’s leading community management and engagement firm, Amazix announces its own KYC portal. The very first users of their KYC platform shall be the community of the world’s first decentralized venture capital group, Iconiq Lab. Iconiq Lab is powered by the token for digital asset management, the ICNQ token.

Updates for the ICNQ Community:

1. We are extending the deadline of finishing the KYC process for bounty participants until Dec 31 and distribution will be done in January 2019 after everyone is registered.

2. Everyone that cannot complete the GBX KYC on can now avail Amazix’s new KYC platform to do so

3. The GBX listing will occur in January along with the token distribution.

The Iconiq community has shown tremendous interest and excitement over the bounty program and the teams at Amazix and Iconiq thank the participants for both their participation and patience.

The token distribution for the older bounty program run by the Iconiq team shall also be done in January at the same time. We would like to highlight that our older bounty participants need not go through the KYC process again.

To proceed with the Amazix KYC, go to For any concerns regarding your bounty stakes, please reach out to the Amazix bounty manager on Telegram (@Mickeypro).