Introducing Our Final 5 Iconiq Startups – Meet Braincities, Topl, Based Global, VREO and Wunder

We are very excited to introduce the Iconiq Lab Feb 2018 intake startups.
We received more than 165 applications across sectors and geographies and are thrilled to have Braincities, Topl, Wunder, BasedGlobal and Vreo on board with us.

Braincities refines large volumes of data in real time for the HR and financial industries.They built an autonomous context aware recommendation system that helps businesses make better decisions.

The idea behind Topl is to build an open capital infrastructure tailormade for developing markets,  investment returns to improve the economic impact.

Based Global is on a mission to redefine the interaction of people around live entertainment experiences, disrupting the event discovery and ticketing industry with an app for both people to browse and join events, and event owners to better manage and promote them.

Vreo is building an infrastructure to enable in game advertising on the game engine level. They are creating a B2B marketplace where advertisers can purchase ads deeply embedded in the game systems that do not compromise the user experience like many pop up ads would.

Wunder is a blockchain based decentralized art museum. It enables art-as-a-Service and is the perfect intersection of new media art, patronage and art collecting.

A big congratulations to our startups and we look forward to seeing you soon!