Iconiq Updates – Upcoming Iconiq Lab Portfolio ICOs, Launching Iconiq Funds, Bounty & More

Iconiq Lab has committed €1,000,000 of the funds raised in the ICNQ token sale to the first Iconiq projects that are currently a part of the accelerator program. ICNQ token holders have exclusive access to the presales with the highest discounts and bonuses or all participants in these token sales!

The companies are:
VREO : VREO is embedded in-game advertising secured through blockchain technology. They are developing digital advertising solutions that not only address current issues of in-game advertising, but also strive to consolidate brands, developers, and gamers with mechanisms that ensure a fair distribution of advertising benefits.

The VREO sale to ICNQ holders will begin in early July!
Join their telegram: https://t.me/vreoio
Learn more: https://ico.vreo.io

TOPL : The idea behind Topl is simple: by building an open capital infrastructure tailor-made for developing markets, investment returns and their economic impact can be greatly improved. Topl’s investment protocol is designed to help investors overcome the numerous barriers that suppress the flow of capital into developing regions, thereby raising investment to levels appropriate to the vast potential of these economies.
The Topl sale to ICNQ holders will begin in late July!
Join their telegram: https://t.me/Topl_protocol
Learn more: https://topl.co

BRAINCITIES : Braincities, a long-existing AI-as-a-Service company, is the publisher of DATACHAIN: the smartest and most secured network ever built on blockchain! DATACHAIN is designed for a data-driven world where AI will have to process Zetabytes of data in real time to provide context-aware recommendations. DATACHAIN will host BRAINER, the first Decentralized Cognitive Operating System. Its design fills a security breach in the data storage and data streaming industries. DATACHAIN provides a secure decentralized solution making data injection impossible to ensure point to point data integrity.
The DATACHAIN sale to ICNQ holders will begin in early August!
Join their telegram: https://t.me/datachain
Learn more: http://www.datachain.one/

BASED GLOBAL : Based Global is a blockchain-enabled live events and ticketing group. They are on a mission to facilitate the interaction of people around entertainment experiences and do so by disrupting the event industry with a blockchain-enabled app for both people to browse & join events, and event owners to better manage & promote them.
The Based Global sale to ICNQ holders will begin in the fall of 2018!
Join their telegram: https://t.me/basedglobal_chat
Learn more: https://basedglobal.com

WUNDER : Wunder is a blockchain-based, decentralized Art Museum. They are building the first Art-as-a-Service and Art-as-an-Asset infrastructure at the intersection of new media art, patronage, technology and art investments, allowing token holders to finance the development of prospering young artists!
The planned Wunder security token sale will be available to ICNQ holders in Q4 2018!
Join their telegram: https://web.telegram.org/#/im?p=g277731401
Learn more: https://wunder.art/
ICONIQ FUNDS : At Blockshow Europe we formally announced the next Iconiq product, Iconiq Funds, powered by BITA and the NDex token.
Iconiq’s partners, BITA, have created a methodologically correct calculation from industry best-practices in indexation to launch the world’s first investment-grade digital asset index. Iconiq Funds will be launching regulated funds which will track these indexes, allowing investors to gain diversified, market-cap exposure to the growth of digital assets.
The Innovation Iconiq Funds offers is the NDex token. NDex will be the driver of the Iconiq Funds economy as the instrument of payment the funds Iconiq launches will make back to the management company, as well as the membership right to subscribe to the funds. Most importantly… a portion of all transaction fees paid to Iconiq Funds in the NDex token will be redistributed back to the community on a pro-rata basis!
Learn more here: https://funds.iconiqlab.com/
EXCHANGES : As you all know, it is illegal for German company utility tokens to seek a listing on exchanges, which is why ICNQ is currently only on IDEX.
HOWEVER, we did not settle for this at Iconiq Lab as it does not benefit the community in any way (and remember, we are ICNQ token holders ourselves). Being Germany’s first ICO to receive a no-action letter from our regulator, BaFin, we have a strong relationship with them and have been granted permission to seek listings on regulated exchanges (no other German ICO can do this!). These conversations have been ongoing for two months now, and we expect to be listed in July. We will make the formal legal announcement once all T’s have been crossed and I’s dotted from a legal perspective.
AIRDROP AND BOUNTY : We cannot thank the bounty contributors and airdrop participants for helping grow this community to its massive size today. Bounty tokens and Airdrop tokens will be distributed in coordination with the exchange listing, which we are finalizing for July.
GOALS : The primary goals for the Iconiq team this week are as follows:
A high priority is closing the institutional sale of ICNQ tokens to US accredited and other investors, so we can have the capital to open our Asian branch. I will be flying to Monaco for a global family office event Thursday and Friday this week to meet with prospective high net worth investors to close sales to these groups.
The HIGHEST PRIORITY is the exchange listing. We are working as quickly as possible (while being legally compliant) to finalize and coordinate multiple exchange listings. We aim for the listing to occur in July and will work our best to ensure it happens for the benefit of the community. We’re all tired of seeing the token on only IDEX and have a solution in place.
The other HIGHEST PRIORITY is the Airdrop/Bounty token distribution. As mentioned before, this will occur in July in coordination with the exchange listing, so we can be assured of market liquidity.
The team is hard at work making sure our companies have successful ICOs in the coming months.
Thank you to everyone for being here and believing in the Iconiq vision. Together, we are bringing professionalism to the digital asset management space and will decentralize wealth generation for the world!