Iconiq Lab Rebrands To Iconic Holding

Growing exponentially and launching new crypto asset management services, Iconiq Lab evolves and rebrands as Iconic Holding.

Beginning in early 2017 as Iconic Lab, the world’s first decentralized venture capital group and token sale accelerator program, Iconic has launched multiple business units such as the crypto index fund manager, Iconic Funds, and the recently announced crypto asset management platform, AMaaS. The Iconic units are now being brought together under a singular umbrella offering premium crypto asset investment opportunities, Iconic Holding.

Reflecting on the company’s vision, Iconic Holding CEO, Patrick Lowry, remarked: ”As Iconiq continued to expand it was imperative to align each of our distinct business units to our singular vision of a tokenized, crypto economy. Thus, we evolved into ‘Iconic Holding,’ a premier crypto asset management firm that caters to all crypto investor risk preferences through Iconic Lab and Funds while driving crypto investment adoption through the AMaaS crypto asset management platform.”

To date, Iconic Lab has invested into and onboarded 10 portfolio companies building real-world use cases of blockchain technology. Iconic Lab also issued the ICNQ token, a premium membership token for holders to gain access to the exclusive ICO and STO presales of the companies which graduate the accelerator program. Iconic raised roughly €2.5M in the ICNQ token sale and our portfolio companies have raised nearly €25 million together through various fundraising methods since entering the Iconic program.

In 2018 Iconic Funds was launched as a passive crypto asset manager, offering regulated crypto asset index funds for investors to gain diversified exposure to the world’s fastest growing asset class. The first fund is in the final stages of receiving regulatory approval and is expected to go live in Q2 2019. All funds issued by Iconic pay their management fees in the ICNQ token, denominated in fiat, they purchase from the market.

Leveraging the infrastructure supporting Iconic Funds, the team launched AMaaS, a 360-degree service platform for crypto asset managers to launch their own regulated crypto funds and optimize the execution of their own crypto investment strategies. As a one-stop-shop digital portal, AMaaS is currently onboarding asset managers and investors with the portal being available in early Q3.

About Iconic Holding

Iconic Holding is a global crypto asset management group headquartered in Frankfurt, Germany with offices in London and New York. Iconic Holding launched Iconic Lab, the world’s first decentralized venture capital group and token sale accelerator program, in early 2017 and is issuing a series of crypto asset index funds through the Iconic Funds brand. Iconic Holding is the developer of the crypto asset management platform, AMaaS, as well as an authorized Sponsor Firm of the Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX) and the issuer of the ICNQ token.

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