Iconiq Lab Announces Presale And Jan 2018 Token Sale – Follow Us On Our Socials For The Latest Updates

Iconiq Lab is happy to announce its very own token sale, scheduled to take place on 7th Jan. 2018, with a presale scheduled for 3rd Dec 2017. Please visit iconiqlab.com or follow our community and social media channels for more information and to view our white and color papers:

Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the most promising crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or Token Sale. We help launch tokens supported by real-world, sustainable business solutions.

Iconiq Lab will be issuing its own token, ICNQ, to fund the launch and scaling of the Iconiq Lab accelerator program. In doing so, Iconiq Lab creates an ICNQ membership club of avid crypto enthusiasts that will be offered the opportunity to participate in the presales of graduates of the Iconiq Lab accelerator program.

The Iconiq Lab club membership token, ICNQ, is structured as a utility token, governed by an ERC20 smart contract. Holders of the ICNQ club membership token will be provided exclusive presale rights, with the associated discounts, to the graduates of the Iconiq Lab ICO accelerator program, as well as have access to exclusive community content and research. The management team of Iconiq Lab will perform due diligence on applicants to the program, selecting only the most promising crypto projects or tokenizable startups for admission. Program participants will be provided expert services related to tokenization, best practices in ICO marketing, legal and regulatory issues, and general business development by Iconiq Lab and its partners as they are accelerated to their own presale and token sale. The ICNQ club membership token must be held in your wallet to participate in the presales of these accelerator program graduates. The first batch of the accelerator program begins in Feb. 2018.

The ICNQ presale will begin on Sunday Dec 3, 2017 and will remain open until the hard cap of 1,500 ETH is reached or Sunday Dec. 10th. Participants in the presale will be awarded a 50% bonus on their ICNQ token purchases, relative to the public sale. Presale participants will be privy to the same club membership rights as public sale participants.

The ICNQ token sale will begin on Sunday Jan. 7, 2018 and will remain open until either the hard cap of €8,000,000 in BTC/ETH is reached or Jan. 28, 2018. An ETH & BTC to ICNQ exchange rate will be announced in the days prior to the token sale to account for volatility. ICNQ will be transferred to holders immediately following the ICO, subject to basic KYC/AML procedures, and will be transferable through a reputable crypto exchange by Jan. 2018.

ICNQ Club Membership tokens will be distributed, and token sale funds used, according to the following charts:

Figure 1: Token distribution

50% of ICNQ Club membership tokens (8M tokens) will be issued in a public sale to prospective Club Members. Roughly 5% will be issued in the November 2017 presale. 10% of total tokens will be issued to bounty program participants and for other marketing initiatives in the Pre-ICO phase. 10% will be retained by Iconiq Lab Holding GmbH for future growth initiatives, acquisitions or for new key personnel. The remaining 25% of ICNQ tokens will be sold to the management team, advisors and strategic partners of Iconiq Lab to align their interests with ICNQ Club Members.

Figure 2: Fundraising Uses

€3M of the ICNQ funds raised will be devoted to a seed wallet which will distribute seed funding to accelerator program participants. €1M each will be used to cover business development, program development and marketing/PR of the initial accelerator program in Germany. €250k each will be used to cover legal and financial/accounting services rendered to Iconiq Lab by third-parties. The remaining €1.5M will be used to scale the program internationally to startup hubs such as London, New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Moscow, Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv, Sydney and others.

Iconiq Lab strives to be a transparency leaded in the crypto economy. As such, there are no side or private deals associated with the presale or public sale, and no parties are granted any exclusive bonuses or discounts that are not publicly available or announced well in advance. Additionally, Iconiq Lab is a member of Santiment’s Project Transparency, and will disclose all material transactions the token sale proceeds are used for.

Iconiq Lab will be instituting a bounty program for community members who wish to participate. Participants will be compensated in ICNQ tokens on a free-lance basis for content provided, sharing or retweeting Iconiq Lab posts, or identifying promising startups for the accelerator program. Please register for the Bounty Campaign and learn about the potential participation rewards in the following link: Bounty Program Signup.

Iconiq Lab is currently helping many companies launch their token sales and has sourced and perform due diligence on nearly 100 who have applied to the accelerator program. To learn more about the exciting companies we are assisting and have admitted to the initial accelerator program batch, please visit our Case Studies section at iconiqlab.com.

Iconiq Lab Accelerator GmbH is structured as a German limited liability company which operates and manages the Iconiq Lab Accelerator Program. Iconiq Lab Accelerator GmbH issues the club membership tokens, ICNQ, and covers the day-to-day operational aspects of the accelerator program. It is wholly owned by its parent company, Iconiq Lab Holding GmbH.

Please be wary of potential scammers regarding our token sale. Only official announcements from Iconiq Lab should be needed. Nobody from Iconiq Lab will ever contact you directly regarding our token sale.

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