Iconic Rebrands to Deutsche Digital Assets

Iconic Rebrands to Deutsche Digital Assets

FRANKFURT, GERMANY, November 15, 2022 – The German crypto asset manager Iconic is pleased to announce the rebranding of its company, subsidiaries and products to Deutsche Digital Assets (DDA). The rebrand best reflects the evolution of the Frankfurt-based crypto asset manager’s vision of a digital asset future and strategic mission of driving crypto adoption. 

Iconic’s initial brand identity was established in 2017 as an early-stage blockchain & crypto venture capital group. Since inception, Iconic has successfully diversified and scaled its product offerings while broadening its global footprint.  

The new brand identity reflects the evolution of DDA’s strategic vision and impact goals, which include a digital, tokenized, and globally-inclusive financial marketplace accessible to anyone, anytime and anywhere. The DDA brand identity will become visible over the coming weeks across the firm’s website, social platforms and products, representing a renewed commitment toward crypto adoption by welcoming investors into this new financial era. The rebrand effort is expected to be completed in full before the end of 2022 as the firm continues to provide investors with traditional, secure and regulated financial products as well as tailor-made crypto investment solutions.

The unveiling of the new brand identity comes with product name changes as well.  To help investors better navigate its product offerings, and with regulatory approval, DDA will update the titles of its Exchange Traded Products, Quantitative Solutions and Professional Investor Funds as follows: 

DDA Exchange Traded Products 

DDA Quantitative Solutions  

DDA Professional Investor Funds 

Maximilian Lautenschläger, Managing Director and Co-founder of DDA, said “Our new brand identity reflects our professionalism and growth over the last years. With DDA we stand by our European DNA and focus on the European market. The rebranding brings greater clarity to our full suite of investment solutions which enables investors to build stronger and more diversified investment portfolios through an allocation to digital assets. The product name change will not affect the operations, performance, tickers or cost of our products. We are excited to unveil new, innovative products and tailor-made investment solutions for primarily professional investors under the DDA brand in the new year!”

Iconic will be transitioning its website to DDA, which will soon be available at www.deutschedigitalassets.com

About Deutsche Digital Assets

Deutsche Digital Assets is the trusted one-stop-shop for investors seeking exposure to crypto assets. We offer a menu of crypto investment products and solutions, ranging from passive to actively managed exposure, as well as financial product white-labeling services for asset managers. 

We deliver excellence through familiar, trusted investment vehicles, providing investors the quality assurances they deserve from a world-class asset manager as we champion our mission of driving crypto asset adoption. DDA removes the technical risks of crypto investing by offering investors trusted and familiar means to invest in crypto at industry-leading low costs.

The marriage of state-of-the-art technology, innovative investment products, and uncompromising professionalism places DDA at the vanguard of crypto asset management.


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