Iconic Launches Actively Managed Crypto Investment Platform with Recently Acquired Quantitative Solutions Team

Iconic Quantitative Solutions

LIECHTENSTEIN, July 27, 2022 – Iconic is pleased to announce it has launched an actively managed crypto investment platform, Iconic Alpha AG (“Alpha”), having recently acquired an experienced Quantitative Solutions Team. The Alpha Team, comprising of senior executives Damien Moser, Marc des Ligneris and Alexandre Coutouly (CEO, CIO and CTO of the newly launched platform, respectively), will lead the deployment of quantitative crypto investment strategies and provide tailor-made, investable solutions for institutional and qualified professional investors.

The team draws on over fifty years of collective experience trading and managing portfolios for Tier-1 investment banks and previously deployed algorithmic trading models for crypto assets in prior roles.  The Alpha team has extensive experience in traditional capital markets with a broad set of alpha-seeking investment strategies it has adapted to crypto assets. Many of the strategies seek to exploit crypto’s notorious volatility, while simultaneously limiting drawdown in its investments.

“Iconic has established itself as one of Europe’s leading crypto asset managers by offering passively managed crypto ETPs and index funds to investors. We are excited to expand our investment product offering to include Iconic Alpha’s quantitative strategies, which will be accessible to qualified investors via SMAs and soon-to-be-launched hedge funds on Iconic’s Multi-Manager platform. Iconic Alpha presents a unique addition to Iconic’s suite of crypto investment strategies, and we are extremely excited to work closely with Marc, Alex and Damien” said Patrick Lowry, CEO of Iconic.


“Marc, Alex and I are thrilled to join Iconic and push its mission of driving global crypto asset adoption on our journey to become the leading crypto asset management group in Europe. We believe that a systematic approach to investing in crypto assets will generate attractive and persistent returns, relative to traditional discretionary management. We look forward to unveiling our strategies and the launch of new financial products” said Damien Moser, CEO of Iconic Alpha.

The Quantitative Solutions Team will provide investors with a range of robust and algorithmic strategies, including currently available Absolute Return and Smart Beta strategies, allowing them to target the appropriate level of risk-adjusted returns for their needs. Iconic Alpha’s trading infrastructure leverages internally developed algorithms that power its proprietary trading strategies. Separately managed accounts (SMA’s) are currently available for qualified investors, subject to jurisdictional limitations, with the first formal investment products expected to be launched in Q3.


About Iconic Alpha AG

Iconic Alpha AG is the newly launched actively managed crypto investment arm of Iconic, specializing in quantitative and algorithmic trading solutions. Iconic Alpha AG is a subsidiary of Iconic Holding GmbH, itself an institutional-grade crypto asset management group and the bridge for traditionally minded investors to get exposure to crypto assets. Iconic, via its subsidiaries, offers crypto asset ETP’s, diversified index funds, alpha-seeking strategies, and venture investment opportunities for investors.

Iconic’s mission is driving the adoption of crypto assets. As the bridge for investors to gain exposure to Crypto Assets, Iconic’s licensed and regulated vehicles offer investors a menu of investment choices ranging from passive index exposure to actively managed strategies. Iconic removes the technical risks of crypto investing by offering investors trusted and familiar means to invest in crypto at industry-leading low costs.

The marriage of state-of-the-art technology, innovative investment products, and uncompromising professionalism places Iconic at the vanguard of crypto asset management.


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