First ICNQ Exclusive Presale – Portfolio Startup Vreo Starts Token Sale On The 9th Of July

Iconiq’s first accelerator graduate, Vreo, is beginning its exclusive ICNQ presale on Monday, July 9 and will remain open until Monday July 23! Holding 470 ICNQ allows you to contribute 1 ETH to the Vreo ICO with an EXCLUSIVE 30% BONUS, THE HIGHEST OF ALL ICO PARTICIPANTS!

Vreo provides solutions for the biggest entertainment market and the biggest ad industry combined through embedded in-game advertising. For the first time, gamers are included in shaping the games of the future as well as rewarded for participating in the ad cycle.

Over a dozen launch partners have signed with Vreo, providing a reach of up to 40 million gamers and 200 million USD in advertising budget!

Vreo is not just an idea, the ad-tech is already working, with partners looking forward to generating first use cases later this year. The token is an access token to essential features in the Vreo ecosystem.

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