Iconiq Lab Collaborates On Blockchain Projects With Finlab AG’s $100 Million Finlab AG / Block.one JV Fund For EOS

Frankfurt, Germany, March 2018

FinLab AG is a strategic partner and investor in Iconiq Lab as well as one of the first and largest company builders and investors focused on the FinTech sector in Europe. Together with Block.one, the developer behind the leading blockchain software EOS.IO they announced today the signing of a letter of intent regarding the formation and capitalization of a new $100 million (€81 million) fund managed by FinLab, that will make strategic investments throughout Europe in projects that utilize the EOS.IO open-sourced blockchain software.

Iconiq Lab being a long term strategic partner of Finlab, will collaborate with the fund manager on many of the blockchain projects that they will be supporting. We at Iconiq Lab are always on the lookout to base our projects on the most recent technology and EOS is a very promising platform.

Patrick Lowry (CEO of Iconiq Lab) sharing the stage with Brendan Blumer of block.one (EOS) at Token2049 in Hong Kong Announcing the Finlab / Block One JV Fund

“EOS.IO’s Delegated Proof of Stake (DPOS) approach has shown to vastly improved the speed and resiliency by which blockchain networks operate and scale,” says Stefan Schuetze, of the FinLab management board. “FinLab is excited to partner with the company behind this fundamental innovation and looks forward to fostering development of projects enabled by EOS.IO software.”

About Iconiq Lab
Iconiq Lab is an Initial Coin Offer and Token Launch accelerator program. We source, fund, develop and accelerate the best crypto, blockchain and tokenizable startups to their own ICO or Token Sale. We help launch tokens supported by real-world, sustainable business solutions. Iconiq Lab is a portfolio company and strategic partner of Finlab AG a German publicly traded fintech investor and company builder. For more information please visit https://iconiqlab.com/

About EOS.IO
EOS.IO software introduces a blockchain architecture designed to enable horizontal scaling of decentralized applications (the “EOS.IO Software”). The software provides accounts, authentication, databases, asynchronous communication and the scheduling of applications across multiple CPU cores and/or clusters. For more information, please visit https://eos.io

About FinLab AG
Stock market listed company FinLab AG (WKN 121806 / ISIN DE0001218063 / ticker symbol: A7A.GR) is one of the first and largest company builders and investors focused on the Financial Services Technologies (“FinTech”) sector in Europe. FinLab focuses on developing German FinTech startups and providing venture capital for their financial needs, whereby in each case the aim is a long-term participation and ongoing support of the investment. FinLab also invests globally, as part of venture rounds, in FinTech companies, primarily in the USA and Asia.