Captain Bitcoin End of Year Update

Those of you were paying attention will know we were aiming for a December launch. As with all things blockchain, things are always harder than they seem.
As our early adopting users , we always want to keep you in the loop, so we thought we’d give you an update.

Next gen blockchain
As we started simulating our Bitcoin draw and token economics, we realized that the Ethereum blockchain is just too slow and expensive to serve even the current size of the user base, let alone the millions we’re targeting as a crypto adoption platform.

So, we’re partnering with a next gen blockchain that will be able to handle lots of transactions and not kill us (or you) with fees.

This might be perfect timing
You might have heard that YouTube has laid waste to the video -hungry crypto community. It seems like even the most educational crypto content is being removed, and your favourite projects and influencers have nowhere to go. Well, Captain Bitcoin to the rescue.

The New Year is going to be exciting
Rest assured that our user-facing components of our technology stack are 95% complete and we think you’ll love it. We’ll be rewarding you for your attention in both Captain tokens and Bitcoin before you know it. We’re hiring some of the best talent in the space to help us build our vision and we’re scaling our operations quick! We’ve also just hit 60,000 registered users and we’re going to be making a lot of noise in the crypto space in 2020!