Becoming Blockchain Educated in 4 Simple Ways

Many people hear the word ‘blockchain’ and think of it as nothing more than a buzzword. Most have heard of it, but significantly less have an idea about what blockchain is. Misuse of the word also adds to the confusion, with some start-ups unduly adding the word ‘blockchain’ into their company mission statement and to increase the perceived value of the start-up.

This misinformation has the unfortunate side effect of putting off serious investors and institutions who mistakenly see blockchain as a ‘get rich quick scheme’ or as the realm of Bitcoin maximalists. However, blockchain has the potential to revolutionise the global economy and touches every industry from finance to real estate and even healthcare, to name but a few.

So, with so much information out there, if you are an investment professional or industry expert, what are the best ways to educate yourself about blockchain?

  1. Reading reports and books from reputable sources

Consulting firms and professional services firms often publish their own reports on blockchain technology and its potential impact. These reports tend to be a reliable source of information and a good place to go to gain industry insights on blockchain.

Iconic Funds has recently commissioned a research report analysing the impact of cryptocurrencies on the sharpe ratio of traditional investment models.

Organisations such as Deloitte and financial publications such as the Financial Times and Business Insider have published their own reports on blockchain technology. Iconic Holding offers an informative blog on the subject of blockchain and crypto-assets. For those interested in crypto, you can read a Beginner’s Guide to Investing in Blockchain and Crypto.

There are also books that you can read that help explain blockchain further:

The Story of the Blockchain: A Beginner’s Guide to the Technology That Nobody Understands by Omid Malekan. This book breaks down blockchain technology, using easily understandable examples, so that it makes sense even for a complete beginner.

Blockchain Revolution by Don and Alex Tapscott provides an introduction to blockchain and its potential impact on the economy, industry and individual lives.

The Business Blockchain by William Mougayar is targeted at business professionals, who want to understand blockchain in a business context.

  1. Online courses

Online classes about blockchain are not only for experts and the developers building it. There are a range of courses out there, ranging from basic, free courses to more complex ones. If you are focused on learning about blockchain technology, selecting one of these would be a good way to go. We have picked out some examples of these:

  • IBM offers a free online course to understand more about what blockchain is and how it can solve business problems
  • Coursera provides online classes from beginner basics to fully fledged “degrees”
  • Edx offers online courses from renowned universities and the Linux Foundation


  1. Video & podcasts


There are some great videos from blockchain experts on YouTube and other channels, covering the gamut from basic explanations to more complex information around blockchain technology. Here are some examples you can choose from:


This WIRED video series explains the concept in 5 levels of difficulty from ‘child’ level to ‘expert’ level. You can watch here.


Patrick Lowry, Iconic’s CEO, also did a TEDx talk on Blockchain and the New Digital Asset Class, which explains how crypto assets will affect the economy. Patrick discusses how crypto assets are redefining our financial infrastructure and all aspects of modern society.

Iconic also has a Blockchat, where Patrick has in-depth discussions with thought leaders in finance and crypto, innovative start-ups, and technology developers who offer their insights on the latest technological developments and market trends.

  1. Live, interactive workshops

For those who prefer a more interactive experience without signing up for an online course, Iconic offers complementary blockchain and crypto workshops for financial institutions and family offices. We seek to cater to all levels of knowledge, starting from the basics and building up to more complex material.

In our workshops we cover:

  • What is blockchain and what are its use cases?
  • What are the value drivers of today’s crypto assets?
  • How all financial instruments will inevitably become crypto assets.
  • The merits of fungible and tokenized capital markets.


We can also specifically tailor something for you. Visit us at Iconic workshops to learn more.