Announcing The Winner Of What Is The Craziest Thing You Can Tokenize? Long Live Peace & Prosperity!

We at Iconiq Lab are happy to announce the winner of our contest WHAT IS THE CRAZIEST THING YOU CAN TOKENIZE?. Thank you to all who participated. The winning entry came from Sophokles Tasioulis and his idea is truly remarkable. But read yourself, here it is!

“Here’s my idea for it, which includes peace and prosperity!
My idea is to tokenize the nuclear program of “little rocket man” Kim Jong-un. So far all we have done is to threaten North Korea and sanction it to little effect. The DPRK (North Korea) has a GDP of around US$ 15 billion per year. How about if we buy their nukes? How would that work?

Japan and South Korea are the first to be affected when things turn really sour over there. This is a combined population of 170 million people. We should go and ask each one of them, what they deem their life to be worth? If you collect US$ 250 from each (keep in mind they are rich countries) we would collect the same amount of money that DPRK generates in 5 years.

Of course they will not all invest the same amount of money but some more citizens/investors from other countries may also chip in.

After all you get a token back for your investment, which you can trade on topyou safe your life and create peace. I guess this would have to be a security token (in all its meaning) rather than a utility token in this case. But imagine the impact? ICOs and Crypto would certainly dominate the word’s headlines for weeks.

This would also be a highly democratic process, where you give the power of influencing things, directly back to the people, away from governments and politicians who all have their own agendas and have achieved nothing so far.
We could even set up a benefiz concert (“we feed the world” sort of thing) as a promotion for the pre-ICO.
In my time at Red Bull I learned to count in two currencies: Dollars and eyeballs, which translate into dollars. How much would you have to pay to be headlines all over the world? The other benefit of this: Currently there are between 5 to 10 million people holding a crypto wallet. Imagine where the market would go, if you suddenly introduce more than 170 million new crypto wallets? The Bitcoin price would go through the roof!”

Congratulations Sophokles on winning 500 ICQN Token!