• Unbloqed #13 Tobias Schulz – Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds

    Tobias Schulz is an Investment Manager at High-Tech Gründerfonds. He is also a pre-ICO Venture Capital Investor and ICO Advisor. High-Tech Gründerfonds (HTGF) is a seed investor that finances high-potential, tech-driven start-ups. With EUR 892.5 million in total investment volume across three funds and an international network of partners, HTGF has already helped forge 500 start-ups […]

  • Iconiq Holding Burns All Unsold Tokens To Drive Value To Community

    At Iconiq Holding, our goal is to drive value to our community through the development of sustainable and scalable business models for Iconiq Lab, Iconiq Funds and the soon to be launched technology platform for Crypto Asset Managers, AMaaS. With the ICNQ sale now concluded, the Iconiq Holding team is burning all unsold ICNQ tokens […]

  • Unbloqed Episode #12 Christopher Georgen – Founder & Chief Architect, TOPL

    Topl is building the technology to more effectively link $9 trillion in investment demand to target opportunities throughout high potential emerging markets while blending socially motivated capital with traditional investment to provide better returns and increased impact. In this episode with Chris we talk about some updates from Topl, discuss the external real word transactions […]

  • Iconiq Holding Sponsors EOS Listing On GBX Digital Asset Exchange

    The Gibraltar Blockchain Exchange (GBX), an institutional-grade, regulated and insured token sale platform and digital asset exchange, today announced the addition of EOS to its Digital Asset Exchange (GBX-DAX), a state-of-the-art exchange created with the high expectations of professional crypto-traders in mind. EOS has been brought to the GBX-DAX by Sponsor Firm Iconiq Holding, and […]

  • Unbloqed Episode #11 AmaZix Head Of Advisory Jose Macedo On Community Engagement

    Jose Macedo is the Head of Advisory at AmaZix. He is also a martial artist, investor, blockchain analyst, former poker pro, the co-founder at KitchPack (now acquired), Kaizen Academy and CFPalace. AmaZix is the leading provider of community management services for crypto projects. It specializes in helping projects running on the Ethereum blockchain, especially those […]