• Bitcoin Education Will Pave the Way for Hyperbitcoinization

    In the last decade, Bitcoin cemented its place in the world as a store of value, an alternative asset, and an Internet-native payment rail. But Bitcoiners want more!  The Bitcoin community is advocating and working towards what it refers to as hyperbitcoinization.  Read on to learn what hyperbitcoinization is and how Bitcoin education will play […]

  • Bitcoin vs. Bitcoin Stocks: What Performs Better?

    Bitcoin is emerging as a popular diversification asset in balanced investment portfolios. But the digital currency’s non-correlation with traditional assets is not the only reason why investors are adding it to their portfolio. Historically, Bitcoin has outperformed stocks, suggesting that holding the digital gold could add to overall portfolio returns.  But how has Bitcoin performed […]

  • Iconic Funds Lists Bitcoin ETP on SIX

    The Iconic Physical Bitcoin ETP will be listed on SIX starting May 28, 2021 With the newly launched ETP,  investors can gain exposure to Bitcoin on the Swiss Stock Exchange in a cost-effective way. The ETP is 100% collateralized by coins held in an institutional-grade custody solution with Coinbase Custody. FRANKFURT GERMANY, May 28, 2021 – Iconic […]

  • Iconic’s Bitcoin ETP Has Received Regulatory Approval

    The Iconic Physical Bitcoin ETP has received regulatory approval in Germany. The Bitcoin ETP is planned to be listed soon on the Regulated Market of the Frankfurt Stock Stock Exchange It aims to remove the technical complications of investing in and holding Bitcoin for investors in an industry-leading cost-effective manner. FRANKFURT GERMANY, April 20, 2021 – Iconic […]