• How to Invest in Ethereum (ETH): A Guide for Professional Investors

      As Ethereum nears the date it fully shifts to proof-of-stake, the crypto community’s excitement is growing, and investor interest in the network’s crypto token is on the rise again. Read on to learn about the investment case for Ether (ETH), how The Merge will affect the crypto network, and how to invest in Ethereum. […]

  • How Layer 2 Solutions Are Helping Ethereum Scale

    Source: Unsplash The Ethereum network has been facing its fair share of scaling challenges. Following the explosive growth of DeFi and NFTs, transaction fees have gone through the roof. Additionally, confirmation times are taking longer than they should. Fortunately, layer 2 solutions have emerged to address Ethereum’s scalability challenges, reducing the gas fee burden on users […]

  • Iconic Funds lists Ethereum ETP on Xetra

    The Iconic Physical Ethereum ETP will be listed on Xetra starting December 20, 2021 With the newly launched ETP,  investors can gain exposure to Ethereum on Xetra in a cost-effective way. The Iconic Physical Ethereum ETP tracks the spot price of Ethereum via the CMBI Ethereum Index. The ETP is 100% collateralized by coins held […]

  • Iconic Funds Expands Product Range with a Physical Ethereum ETP

    FRANKFURT GERMANY, December 14, 2021 – Iconic Digital Asset AG, a subsidiary of Iconic Funds GmbH (collectively branded as “Iconic Funds”) has expanded its offering of crypto-based Exchange Traded Products (“ETPs”) with the launch of a physically backed Ethereum ETP. The Iconic Physical Ethereum ETP tracks the spot price of Ethereum. The ETP is 100% […]