• Iconic Funds Launches Carbon Offseting Initiative for Physical Bitcoin ETP

    Investors will now be able to invest in Iconic’s Bitcoin ETP in a more climate-friendly way. Carbon Footprint for Bitcoin ETP will be offset with project-based carbon credits. The transaction-based methodology, developed by Frankfurt School Blockchain Center, is in use. Iconic Funds will have its Co2 footprint periodically recalculated by intas.tech, a spin-off of FSBC […]

  • Is Bitcoin’s Carbon Footprint Improving?

    Bitcoin’s hashrate dropped significantly from its all-time-high, sitting at a rate not seen since November 2020. According to data from blockchain.info, Bitcoin’s current hashrate is now (as of 21 June 2021) at approximately 110M TH/s, 30% below its all-time high of around 190M TH/s from a few weeks ago. Bitcoin mining has been largely concentrated […]