• When Algorithms Fail: How an Algorithmic Stablecoin’s Collapse Fuelled a Crypto Bear Market

    The crypto asset market faced one of the most challenging times in its short history in May 2022. Terra (LUNA) and Terra USD (UST) – two of the biggest cryptocurrencies with a combined value of over $80 billion – collapsed. The contagion effect resulted in billions of dollars wiped off the crypto market and several […]

  • Iconic Insider – August 2020

    We kicked off the inaugural Iconic Insider in July to give our community a general update on all things Iconic as well as reflect back on what transpired in crypto during the prior month. July may be the hottest month of the year, but August was even hotter for Iconic and crypto! I see the […]

  • So, you wanna go to a DeFi Party?

    Que Gaelic’s Storm Titanic party song that is the guilty toe-tapping pleasure of anyone alive during the 90’s. The only thing I know that gets people out of their seats and dance as well as this Irish classic is the yields being farmed and 1,000X returns traders are realizing on crypto in DeFi this summer. But what […]

  • Iconic Holding’s Multi-manager Platform Partners With Enigma Securities

    NEW YORK, Aug. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Enigma Securities Ltd. (www.enigma-securities.io), a technology-driven financial institution dedicated to corporate client solutions for cryptoassets, announced today the partnership with Iconic Holding’s Multi-Manager Platform (www.iconicholding.com). Applying its expertise in capital markets, Enigma will provide liquidity, provision of credit, and capital introduction for the Multi-Manager Platform. In addition, Enigma […]

  • Iconic Insider —July 2020

    Welcome to the inaugural Iconic Insider, the first in what will be a monthly roundup of everything crypto and Iconic related. In each Insider, I will share my thoughts and insights on some of the most recent trends and hot topics in the crypto space as well as provide a recap of what has happened […]

  • Dr. Satoshi or: How I Learned to Double (Risk-Adjusted) ROI and Love the Bitcoin

    A mere 1% allocation to crypto assets over the past few years could have nearly doubled your investment portfolio’s overall, risk-adjusted return. You’ll have to forgive me, but I feel this is so important that I would like to repeat myself so everyone may comprehend the gravity of such a statement… A 1% allocation of […]

  • Bitcoin’s Perfect Storm

    The perfect storm is brewing for Bitcoin.   A pandemic has struck in the form of COVID-19, grinding the global economy to a halt. Politicians are desperately scrambling to enact legislation to protect their constituents as corporate CEOs jockey for the position of being the first constituent in line for their bailout. Unprecedented payments are […]