ICNQ Token

The ICNQ token powers the DDA ecosystem as both a voucher token and club membership instrument for Deutsche Digital Assets and all its subsidiaries.

The Cypto Asset Management Token

The ICNQ token powers the DDA ecosystem as both a voucher token and club membership instrument for Deutsche Digital Assets.
There are two classes of ICNQ token holders:

DDA Class
Holders of more than the lesser of 100,000 ICNQ or $100,000 worth of ICNQ

Member Class
Anyone holding at least 1 ICNQ token

DDA Class holders are entitled to premium rights in the DDA ecosystem.
To trigger any token holder rights, the tokens must be held in a verified, non-exchange ERC-20 compliant wallet.

Where To Buy ICNQ Tokens?

Uniswap is a fully decentralized protocol for automated liquidity provision on Ethereu

Join the Community

Our official DDA Chat on Telegram is a strong community discussing DDA and the ICNQ

ICNQ Uses in the DDA Ecosystem

Deutsche Digital Assets is at the vanguard of crypto asset adoption.
The DDA ecosystem consists of multiple ventures that continually drives value to ICNQ holders in the following ways:

Crypto Asset Management:

DDA is the holding company of various subsidiaries. The subsidiaries are issuers and managers of crypto asset investment products.

Investment vehicles launched or managed by DDA subsidiaries pay 20% of their asset management fees to DDA in ICNQ tokens purchased off the open market. All tokens paid by the vehicles to DDA are burned.

Venture Investments:

DDA is also a crypto and blockchain focused venture capital group and award-winning accelerator program.

Holders of ICNQ tokens are eligible to invest in many of the ICO and & STOs of accelerator program graduates alongside DDA at exclusive, premium discounts and offers, with DDA class members granted exclusive, front-line access.

Value Drivers

The ICNQ token was meticulously constructed to drive value to its holders and users.
The economics of the ICNQ token are designed to:
Decrease Token Velocity
Incentive to hold large amounts to unlock DDA membership status
Increase Institutional Demand
Organically grow buyside demand through the scaling of DDA business units and launching new investment products and services
Balance Supply and Demand
Tokens redeemed to DDA business units as vouchers are burned


  • Fully Compliant ERC-20 token on the Ethereum Blockchain
  • Smart Contract Audited by Solidified.io
  • Issue Date: 15-04-2018
  • Amount Raised in ICO: $3 Million